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Building the Stealth Bomber

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So, I've got a little time in the evenings so I decided to build another tip up( trap) for a friend..

Normally, when someone striper fishes with me  their first time, I give them a custom striper plug... in this case, the angler is not a die hard striper nut( not yet anyway) but he is a die hard ice fisherman and a lot of fun to fish with.

so instead of a striper plug, he's getting a trap..
the wood is Ash, I cut it 30 BIG LINES long and 4 MEDIUM lines wide... the tube for the trigger is thin wall brass the trigger itself is bent out of 316 stainless a hole is drilled 1/2 way up to facilitate the shell Gaddus S-3 220 grease for the tube ( the same grease used in jack traps..
Here are a few pictures, I'll update as I go..

Looking forward to joining the elite club of having a Roc custom built trap Joe, and looking forward even more to putting it on the ice next to yours again this season as well as some of the other great guys and ladies I've met on this site. Long live the Ice Shanty Family!


--- Quote from: Roccus on Dec 02, 2021, 08:53 AM ---I cut it 30 BIG LINES long and 4 MEDIUM lines wide...

--- End quote ---


Love it Joe! When you retire and get real bored I want to commission you for a full set just to have. Love your work.

Excited to chum it up with all you deplorables again as well, hopefully more frequently than once a year

looks like another great build can't wait to see finished product. Would like to get out with a few of you guys this year seems like a great bunch I'll bring the beer!!

Well done Joe - l like the flag hook/split ring - seems like a good design.

Hope the season brings lots of ice and plenty of opportunity to take advantage of it!


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