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Sad sight today

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Just drove by the Old Steves Sportsman's den on Hooksett. It was 90 percent bulldozed just a foundation.  I couldn't believe it. I know they have been closed for a while and he has passed away. I used that shop for many years.  Sad to see it go. Hope the family made out on the property.  Sad to see places like that go.

Wow haven't been by there and paid attention for a couple of months too bad his boat was there for a while and a couple years ago was buying shiners from him. was a great place to go all the old shops that were fun to walk around are going away. Weird not seeing suds and soda around too.

Steve H.:
That sucks.  I know it has been closed for years, but used to be my go-to.  Always had great service there, a pleasure to stop in.  Seems these shops are dropping like flies.

Arctic Addict:
I agree Wayne, equally as sad is the old Riley's Gun Shop is now a used car lot....

That is sad!!


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