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Waiting for first ice. The great anticipation.

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Hey fellas, Waiting for first ice of the season! Wow, itís already that time of year again!  Every year the transition from open water fishing to hitting first ice is exciting. As November comes to an end and the days become a little shorter and colder. The anticipation for first ice has my undivided attention. Hopefully we have a good cold & consistent winter that will give us the opportunity to be on the lakes and ponds by X-mas.   Good luck to all and Iím looking forward to seeing you out there.

Be safe,


I like the weather outlook for the next 2 weeks.  Should be good ice next weekend in the Berks.  Not CT, but still moving in the right direction.

Great news, hopefully the cold weather  trends stick around. Last year the week of x-mas was very mild and rainy. It ruined most of the safe ice we had prior to that. I hope that is not the case this season.

There you go! Nice one

As I sit here staring at open water patiently.  ::) Let me clarify, Iíll be dedicating my time elsewhere until thenÖ

Correct they are eating


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