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Just ordered a new ice shack 7x8 pick it up first week in December. Anxious to pick it up and start rigging. My wife fishes with me some but not warm enough for her in the tent. She had a stroke years ago and has some issues with circulation and staying warm. She has the use of both her legs but only 1 arm/hand. Picked her up an electric reel a few years and she has got onto it pretty good.  Gonna be great year on the ice!!!

Nice to hear your wife is doing ok after the stroke and enjoying the outdoors.

Thanks she is a great lady. I just retired 3 days ago so hope to get out with her often.

Congratulations on a new shack, a retirement and a wife that joins you. You are living the dream. Good luck this season.

If that's a rock'en we ain't gonna be a knock'en.
Nice rig. Hope all the best for you and the bride. Recovery is tough going.


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