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Pike fishermen: Quick Strike Recommendations?

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Hey folks, I know a handful of you are very successful pike fishermen. Iíve never caught one and would like to spend a day this winter hitting the pike waters in CT. For those who use off-the-shelf quick strike rigs, any recommendations? Any models to avoid? I saw some reviews on Northland models claiming the hooks are crap, but want to put everything in context for the size pike we have in our state.

Iíll add that I saw the YouTube video posted elsewhere in here, where a guy made his own using an elastic band in the middle to keep deadbait horizontal. Open to making my own rigs but curious about opinions on the premade ones.

I recommend not using them. Iíve seen big pike and muskie swallow both trebles and thatís a death sentence. Try a single 3/0-5/0 J hook or octopus hook.

Hello Hooking,

Personally I make my own pike rigs. Itís much cheaper first off & I like having the ability to make them specific to where Iím fishing. One game changer for me is strictly using flourocarbon leader material  rather than wire.

Hooking, not to get off topic but a suggestion from one fellow ice guy to another. Make sure you have plenty of line on your spools when fishing for pike as well. I canít stress enough that having ďthe correct gearĒ holds some truth when fishing for these predators. And a good long pair of needle nose pliers.  :)


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