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Modular/Folding Hardside Help/build thread

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Iím not new to hardside builds, I have 4 in various states of use/disrepair, but Iím a bit stumped on this one.

We are working to design a new shack to put out on a lake that has no public access, we have permission to cross a plot of land to access. The issue is that parcel has a narrow steep path to the water. We believe it will be wide enough for an ATV or SnowMobile, so in theory we can fit something 4ft wide down it but higher with trees becomes an issue.
This shack would be a sleeper for 2-3 people, they are fine on cots, but I really prefer the comfort of a bunk with mattress (the downfall of having experienced those comforts the last few years in my wheelhouse haha)

So we are hoping to build something 60-100sq ft, at least 6ft wide, with a pitched roof and insulation capable of staying out in weather down to -10. But it needs to all fold down, or come apart easily for access on and off, with mobility on the lake.

Any thoughts?

my thought is good luck. you arent asking much. lol  lots of pins hinges and weight involved in a hard shack to get there.   buy 2 of those quickfish6 insulated shacks.  i think they are 60sqft or so.  a portable car garage mite be something to think about too.  you could make an inner insulated skin for it maybe?

hardwater diehard:


Boy, if ya find something to fit that criteria, I'll be amazed. As mentioned, yer talking alot of weight compared to other shelters...and that's always a main issue. You might have to have a Sikorsky air crane chopper to lift it in...

here ya go


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