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Hello I am fairly new to ice fishing. I fished Lake Oneida, NY  a few weeks ago with a guide but was wondering if anyone had any suggestions to places in Northern NJ. I just got my own gear and eager to try on my own. Thanks! I appreciate any suggestions!

Lots of great suggestions on the forum here. I would just start on smaller lakes until you get the hang of it. Start with short trips, and invest in gear that makes you comfortable ie good waterproof insulated boots. Never step on ice without picks, and even though its not the "funnest" piece of gear get a good spud bar. Safety #1. Im sure a lot of us on here have some old gear to sell, including myself, so don't be afraid to ask on the forum if anyone is looking to part ways with old gear. Most of us on here have extra buckets of tips etc sitting around as we upgraded our gear.

That one word says it all...SAFETY !!!  Just think before you act and you will be fine and absolutly dont be afraid to ask questions.Thats what this site is all about. Unfortunatly I dont think you got a lot of time left to try your new gear in NJ. We are all open water in the assunpink area and south.

Thank you for your input. I agree, safety is key. I have retractable ice spikes but definitely need a spud bar. I realize with all this rain and mild weather my time in NJ is about up, this is probably the first time I've wished for freezing weather.  If you are looking to get rid of any gear I'll gladly consider, please message me and let me know. Have a great day!!  :tipup:

What gear do you have?


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