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took a run into Iroquois yesterday fished from 9-530 early am bite was good hooking up on some walleyes bite slowed down around 10:30 then the small pike were starting to cruise in and were again dealt with throughout the day nothing over 20" on the pike. picked up a few eyes early in the afternoon and then they of course turned on again late. ended the day with over 10 on the walleyes most were in that 16-19" range and countless small pike which were in and around the walleye bite. great day for sure until the end when a snow squall came in with heavy 60k winds chased me away.

Looks like you had a great day!  Nice work!

Churchill River:
Nice haul Rip.  Those are the perfect size eyes to keep.  Anything bigger goes back.

Very nice rip.still walkon or thick enough to drive. Thanks

14 where I was sled and atv traffic were still peoples choices hauling out shacks. with this cold weather setting in for awhile should start seeing trucks very soon.


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