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Day 1 of 18' wheelhouse

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Finally after 2 months of waiting on flooring to come in, I can finally start building.
I'm building on an 8x18+4'v Miltona tandem axel frame.

1.125 T&G sheath flooring.
2x3 walls.
Pro rib steel siding.
Empire Direct vent furnace
Spray foam floor to ceiling
12v for all lights but I will add 110 outlets
I haven't decided on rubber or steel roofing yet

Good luck. Keep all up to date on your progress.

Arctic Addict:
Good luck with your build.  Take lots of pics so we can live vicariously.  Is the frame steel or aluminum?  Any idea of the weight of the bare frame? 

Painted steel frame, no clue on weight.

Arctic Addict:
Sounds like an awesome build.  Good luck.


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