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Out of curiousity, have you Ohioans started icefishing yet?

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Does Ohio have many natural bodies of water? I use to live about 2 miles from Wright Patterson and it was all just a bunch of 5 deep gigantic squares. Never had a chance to fish any though.

Not many in northwest Ohio a couple man made lakes St. Marys and Indian lake within a half hour to an hour drive. There are a few highway over pass ponds you can fish with permission.
We also fish upland reservoirs but they always take the longest to make good ice.

What little ice we had is gone.May not have ice this year!!!!


--- Quote from: BURNSEY on Jan 24, 2020, 12:16 PM ---What little ice we had is gone.May not have ice this year!!!!

--- End quote ---

That's too bad.  Is it unusual?

I'm a little surprised because I was down in OH (specifically the Cleveland/Canton area) for the first time this past summer - - and had a great time B/T/W - - and, apart from being a bit flatter, the topography/vegetation looked a lot like that found here in New England.

Given that fact, I would have thought the weather conditions would be roughly comparable to where I am, which has had fishable ice virtually every weekend since 11/17/19.

So is this an unusually warm winter in OH, or is the ice fishing season similarly short most years?

I started my serious ice fishing in NE Ohio  years ago...I've since moved to NY but still visit and have fishing buddies.  Good ice has been hard to come by the last 5 years.  The big lake is as good as it gets for walleye and perch (and steelhead, smallmouth, white bass etc etc) all year round. Unfortunately it seems like the harbors are about the only thing freezing much and it takes a good cold snap for safe ice on the Western basin.  We used to get on the various inland lakes like mosquito, ladies and many reservoirs all the time, but they are getting short seasons if at all anymore. The fishing in Ohio is awesome, not much ice anymore. Pretty solid indicator that we are warming.  The first 20 years of my life winters were real and ice was plentiful, the last 20+ not so much


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