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weight of fishontario hut?


has anyone built this portable hut?how much does it weigh,can one person lift into a pickup?can two guys fish in it ok?has anybody made any modifications to it?thanks for any info


Yes, I built one and love it.  I am five eleven, 205 and I can lift one end to get it in my truck with ease.(45 years old)  I am not a weakling but it is slightly heavy.  But wait, part of this is my doing.  I put 2x6 rails on the bottom with 2x4's sixteen on center, and framed each hole I cut with 2x4's.  I cut four holes, two on the end with two on one side, allowing room to have two people inside with comfort.  I did install a fold down shelf supported by the two top side support poles.  I used 3/4" conduit for the two top side supports and one ridge support.  I latter went and installed the clamps on the back wall to hold the conduit supports, don't have to carry or wrestle them in transit.  It cost me just over $100 and eight hours of assembley time.(as you guessed I am not a carpenter)  The pull rope is long and I loop it over my should for the pull, all gear on top of the collapsed shanty.  I fish by myself mostly and I can handle it.  One Lantern will make you sweat while inside.  The shelf helps keep things off of the floor such that your not cramped.  I know I couldn't by something like this for less than $300, and there is a great deal of satisfaction doing it yourself.

If you have questions write me. ;D

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