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Help with sled for shanty


I have a portable 5 x 6 shanty with a wooden floor that collapses to 5 x 3.  I want to build a sled making it easier to get it around on the ice.  I have some old cross country skis and I was wondering if anyone had an idea as to how I could make this work.  I was thinking about somehow attaching the skiis to a base and then laying the collapsed shanty on top (along with the other gear).

I would suggest that you use downhill skis, the XC ones may be too slender to glide over all the ruts, etc on the lake surface.  I made my fishing sled out of a old wheelbarrow ( a large plastic tub) and used old downhills, they work great.  
I was going to do the same thing for my shelter, but then I saw a "Clamshell" shelter, and I think that would work the best of all. Everything right there and it all folds in in about 30 seconds, what a concept!
Anyway good luck with your project.

Thanks ArticCat,
I also like the design of the Clam............but the kids surprised me and got me a Cabelas Deluxe ice shanty for Christmas.

Here is what my dad made for his like that.  Took 2 4x4's cut them about a 4" longer than the shack.  Than put light angle iron frame around the top of the 4x4's.  Make sure you get it weld it in the corner's so when you pull it  it will not bend up.  If you place the < with one leg up you will have a border so the shanty wont fall off.  He also cut the front edge at a 45 so it would break snow better and go over stuff.



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