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Buying a Shanty

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Looking to buy a flipover style shanty. I would love to hear from angler who have fished in one. Any info is great good or bad. 1 or 2 man

I have the otter magnum That I bought at scheels sports and I do like it except it comes with no seats so had to make my own and that the pole that holds the very back bar up seems to long because when you install it the tarp pulls up off the sled in the back.
I do like it except for them two little things.

first ice:
I have the Fish Trap Guide model it is excellent love it wished I would of bought it sooner. Comes with everything no need to purchase the seats after the fact.

Thanx for the help. I was considering both of those models.                                                                                            Keep Fishing!! Lighting Rod

I just got the fish trap guide this year and i love it, havent fished from other brands, but the guide is perfect for just about any situation for one man or two.


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