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I am looking into buying a portable ice fishing hut.  Any suggestions?  The fish traps look good.  I am looking for something that I can pull by hand and is for 1 or 2 people.  I have tried making a few but they just don't work well and are heavier than I would prefer.

Hi Tom,
       I can't speak for the other manufacturers but the FishTrap Guide(2 man) has worked out great for me.I and my son can go out(he's 12) and if I'm alone I can handle it.It weighs about 60lbs with no gear in it and the seat is nice on the back.This years model is supposed to have a darker interior fabric,sliding seats and the U door.Hope this helps.

Give the Frabill units a look. I think they are a little more money then some, but they have nice features. I have a Shapell 2-man (3000 Deluxe) and I like it, but it's not a run and gun like the fish traps and some of the Frabills.


don moder:
i agree spend the money frabill is my choice.the ranger xlt is excellent,it has sitting for2 or 3.3 if smaller folk. 2for also has a big sled for your gear.the black materail is very warm on sunny days.velcro windows are nice to watch tipups.if real cold a small heater warms it up nice.i like to fish with jacket may drill 3 holes.jig 2and1 for camera or vexlar. :D :'(

I really like my Viking. It is very comfortable for two "full size" fisherman and heats quite well with a Coleman 1 burner propane stove. It sets up quickly, 2-3 minutes, and can be moved without taking it down. I would suggest an "anchor" for those really wind days however as the hut will blow away if left empty to run for your tipups (did I say "if" I am sorry, I meant WHEN!) I simply tied a 3' length of rope to the rear hinge and tied a 2" length of dowel (broom handle works great) to the other end. Drill a hole in the ice behind the shanty and put the dowel under the ice across the hole. I'm quite sure this trick would work for any shanty out there. Good luck in your quest.
:'( Keep 'em flying ;)


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