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Info on Cabela's Deluxe Ice Fishing Shanty


I recently purchased the Cabelas Deluxe Ice Fishing Tent Kit and am in the process assembling it.  Does anyone have this ice shanty?  I was hoping to get some ideas on how durable it is and your means for getting it out on the lake.  I was thinking about simply installing two eyehooks in the plywood and running a rope through it.  I could then pull it like a sled.  Also the plans call for two pieces of 1/2 inch by 60 inch CDX plywood for the floor.  Has anyone covered their floor with carpet, linoleum?  

Thanks and good luck this season!

FYI - Cabela's  has the Deluxe tent kit on sale for $80.00!

One of ny buddies purchased one last week and put it together. Had a pretty nice shanty and you can design the floor plan that suits your particular needs.

Asphalt Kid, I have been out in mine 3 times and love it.  It goes up quickly and is very roomy.  I did end up building a sled to transport it (utilizing an old pair of water ski's).  So far, no problems and it sure beats dragging it.


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