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Mouse Jacker Plans

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After a season of using them, I have a few learnings to share:

As you would expect, the pole you use determines the hook setting force and stroke. My sensitive jigging rods had low hook setting force. They are not ideal for jaw jackers or mouse jackers. My most consistent hooking model is a larger one I made for a 4.5 foot telescoping spinning rod I use for backpacking in the summer. It is stiffer than the jig rods, and sets the hook about 3 feet. I almost never fail to hook up, and the fish is fighting against that bigger spring, and it maintains tension better than a short jigging rod.

The tension of the rod upwards on the trigger bar makes the trigger less sensitive. If you make the length such that the rod tip is pulled straight down, not stretched in or out, you can slide the zip tie in or out to adjust sensitivity.

Being made of wood, and few pieces, these make less noise when tripped than the plastic jaw jackers. An improvement would be a bell or other noisemaker to catch my attention when they trip. I saw someone using a dollar store window alarm to make one, but I can't find the part at my dollar store.

My favorite days are when the perch are hitting jigged baits, but when dead sticks are the answer, these have a better catch rate than simple tip ups. I plan to have a complete set by next season. If you have ideas to make them work better, or easier to build, please let me know.


Thanks for the tutorial. Iím gonna try and make a set!

I made a jacker with a piece of old shelf a loop fasteners and a clothes hanger all from things I've found around the house, play with the hanger till you get the height you want from the trigger here's a pic of it

Nice, Iíve been thinking about making my own salmon bear style for a year, but havenít yet.


I made a couple this year, made so that they collapse together into a nice small package for transport.


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