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Can we make a sticky to this SD GF&P page regarding the non meandered waters information?  With a lot of out of state ice fishermen traveling to SD, it's important that everybody takes the time to read through the current rules and closures.

Map of currently closed waters:

FYI to those of you who aren't up to speed:

The state has been dealing with water held in public trust over flooded private land for a long time and recent changes to the law have affected some bodies of water.  The links above will explain the closures, land owner responsibilities for marking closed waters, and a general overview of the laws.  If you have a question regarding access, post it here and we'll see if we can get you clarification.  Thankfully, this process has gone fairly smoothly considering the contention on both land owner and sportsman's sides, and very little non meandered water has been affected, but there are some fisheries that have partially or completely closed. 

Made this a sticky thread per request.  :tipup:

 :thumbsup:  thanks.

Updated link for water closures

Write the senators on the senate ag committee to support SB 199 tonight!!!  this is are only shot at a fair balance bill.  Be nice.


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