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South Dakota: Hotels, Motels, Dining, Shacks and Cabins Thread!

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South Dakota: Hotels, Motels, Dining, Shacks and Cabins Thread!
South Dakota is popular fishing destination for a variety of out-of-state Ice Shanty members and we get a fair amount of different threads started and repeat questions for lodging, etc.  If you're looking for lodging/dining advice please post it here for all to see and find.

* Ice reports, fishing reports and conditions can be found in the South Dakota Fishing Reports And Conditions forum, so any posts regarding these topics will be removed.

* This is not a venue to advertise or offer lodging and shacks for profit. All members are able to answer questions concerning the area they live or fish in, or places they have stayed. Vindictive or bad-mouthing posts will also be removed.

Thank you for all your help in the South Dakota forum!

Tight lines to everyone!  :tipup:

Check out the Hot Spot in Bristol. 6 or 7 miles west of Webster on 12.


--- Quote from: Ochowinter on Dec 28, 2016, 03:53 PM ---Headed to Webster in a couple weeks to fish?  I am looking for advice on where to stay. Motels are fine but would prefer a house -6 guys


--- End quote ---

Might be tough finding something for 6 guys a few weeks ahead of time, but if you work the phones, it's doable.  There are some houses for rent in webster, check craigslist; there is a few hotels as well.  The old run down one that used to be a Super 8 runs "fisherman specials", if it's even open any more.  When you are up there, make sure to ask the businesses if they support land owners or sportsmen when it comes to public water over private land.

If you don't mind a 40 minute drive the Dakota Sioux casino has good rates and food.  Like around 50.00/night

Always stay at the Galley! Good hotel and steakhouse attached


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