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Very effective burbot rigging.... PICTURES BACK UP!

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Started using this rigging last year.

Tipped one barb with a diamond-shaped piece of pike skin.  It was remarkably effective, so posted about it.  The rig makes a lot of noise when you shake it. I think the multiple connection creates the rattling, fish come to investigate, and " lunch!"

Works night and day. I save a few pike skins from the first fillets of the year, and freeze them for bait the rest of the season.  They work, add both attraction and scent to a lure, and are almost impossible for fish to pull off the hook.

First burbot trip this year was yesterday, and we are having fresh cod for supper tonight.

I know it's too late for most of you, but you might want to give it a try next season.


Thanks for sharing your secret lure Yukoner. The green glow jig tipped with a minnow head has been so-so.
I will make up something similar for my week long trip to northern Sk. starting next weekend.  :icefish:

Not really a secret, as I posted about it last year, but certainly one of the most effective rigs I have ever used.  Seems it also gets better hook-ups, perhaps because the hook dangling away from the spoon makes it easier for them to get the bait well into their mouth.  Some of the strikes are really hard, as compared to using soft baits, which they seem to just inhale rather than strike.

My buddy, Bert, uses this rig with a #3 Ruby Eye spoon. No doubt, being from Saskatchewan, you know what that is.

Good luck on your trip up North.  Please let me know how this works for you, and don't be surprised when a laker smashes one!


Ted does the trailer not cause your hook to tangle with your jig/line way more often?  I guess you're keeping your movements on the subtle side?

Amazingly, it rarely gets tangled.  Perhaps five or six times in the past two years. 

Have two versions of the setup.  The top picture and the picture in the dark shows it with a snap and swivel.  The picture of the one on the tailgate, has only a swivel, with the hook connected with a second split ring.  That was the one I was using again last night.  Both work, and I cannot recall if one was more likely to tangle than the other.

If you watch it just under the ice, you will see that the spoon sinks and flutters horizontally, while the trailer rides above the spoon.  When the line tightens, it just falls straight down, and doesn't hit the spoon as it swings to vertical.

Actually jig it both ways, pounding the bottom, then lifting it quickly, and continually slow and easy just off the bottom.

It was working again last night.    :)  Fresh cod for supper in about two hours!


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