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Rob's Ice Shack build - Completed

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I'm finally building an ice shack for weekend trips, I've planned to build it for a couple years now and decided this is the year. It'll have a 7'x8' fishing/seating area with a 2'x4' extension for a wood stove and built to fit in any full size pickup.

10' pressure treated 2x8 skids with 2x4 frame every 16"

Final sanding of the openings

Floor with hole covers

Floor without hole covers

14"x14" opening, perfect for a 10" ice hole

Framing up the walls and benches

Sheeting in the walls and test fit of the wood stove

Outside view with an 8" gap for plexiglass at eye level for watching flags

Fits perfect in the box of my truck

That's it for now but I'll be finishing it on my next days off and will update the thread then. It currently has 6' walls plus the skids and I'm planning a peaked roof to make it 7' walls, 7'9" total height.

Beautiful looking shanty

P Meyette:
nice looking

hardwater diehard:
NICE ...looks to be heavy hard is it to get on the truck ?

I'd guess it weighs about 250lbs as it is now, hoping to stay under 500lbs when it's finished. To load it this time I just lifted one end then propped it up with a couple 2"x2" scrap pieces. I opened my tailgate and backed up until it was over the tailgate. I took out the 2"x2" props and put it on the tailgate then continued backing up until it was almost halfway, then I just lifted the back and pushed it in.

When it's finished I'll have a hand winch mounted on the back. To load it I'll run the strap underneath and hook it to the front of my truck box. Then as I crank the winch I'm hoping it'll lift itself up and into the box, similar to how those trucks load large dumpster bins.


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