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Burbot in NY

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There are Burbot in Lake Ontario.  My place of employment has a water intake in 60 feet of water in Lake Ontario.  Every winter burbot show up in the intake filters.  Last year I found a 36" burbot that was dead in the filters.  I would love to find out how to catch them out of Lake Ontario.

They are alsofound in Champlain, they live on the bottom so I would say fishing baits close to the bottom would work maybe even dead bait laying right on the bottom. Somewhere on here I read that guys  catch them while lake trout fishing on champlain

good luck if and when you go


Hey team NY.... is there ice up on Champlain? where do we get those burbots?

I heard they are good kissers?    :cookoo: :sick:

Dead burbot.....36"...........water intake.....filters?????  I think I'll have a coke :sick:

Big Dawg:
Gambell, here in NH, cusk is a major gamefish in the winter. many people use white or glowhead bucktails with a peice of cut sucker to sweeten the jig up. what ive had great luck with this year is a size 3 glow in the dark swedish pimple. also tipped with a little peice of sucker. hope this helps!


ps, at night is the best time for them!


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