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Nice job Squ1rr31! How many batteries are you planning to have in your box?

Actually its just one small tractor battery, I will take pictures of the inside when I get home, I need to re-solder the wiring for the volt meter since the red wire pulled out of the plug. Thanks for the help with the wiring diagram Ice Addict!

Very nice job!  ;)

I'm wondering if you're going to have problems with your shadow getting in the way since your lights will be behind your legs. I like the way it looks and I'd like to do something similar to mine, but I'm just trying to figure out a way to do it without my shadow getting in the way of the light shining on the ice in front of me.
Also, just curious, how long do you think you'll be able to run your lights on a 12v battery. Granted, I see you said you were going to use a tractor battery, but I'm thinking about using something along a 12v to aleviate added weight in the sled.

I moved my legs in the way of the lights to see if there was any problem, didn't notice much of a difference, I'm sure when the time comes and I'm actually using it there may be a slight difference. The tractor battery really isn't that heavy, maybe 5-8 # at most, haven't done a test to see how long I'd be able to run things but I can't imagine the lights draw much voltage at all being that they're LED. The real draw would be a phone charger if I hook that up. I will definitely update everyone after the maiden voyage (if Mother Nature ever decides whether she wants the ice to stay or leave).


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