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Phone will pull max of 1AH if you're using a standard 12v acc. to USB adapter. What's the AH rating on the battery? You can calculate the draw of the LED's with roughly 7-10mAH for each "bulb" in the strip.

Now them are some lights.  Good luck with your project.

Another idea for ya gents.  I hooked up a 400 watt power inverter  to a battery and hooked up a couple 60 watt LED light bulb similar to what you would have in you lamp at home .   4 lights = roughly 40 watts total.  Used some light cages (similar to shop lights) and strung them through the poles in the top of my pop-up.  Awesome amount of light which can be placed anywhere you need it.  Also with LEDs you don't have to worry about them burning out if they  get dropped also they don't  produce a lot of heat .


Finally getting around to posting some pictures and stories from the two times I've actually had something to talk about, haha. Last weekend 1/17/15 was the annual fishing tournament at a family friends pond, kind of a if you know where it is, you're invited, if you don't, you're not. The guy uses this tournament to keep his bluegill population regulated and we usually try to get as many out as we can. $10 buy in can win you quite a bit of money from the amount of people that usually show up. Right from the start the wind was decent and out of the South Southwest, maybe around 10 mph gusts.
 I hustled out to a spot to get set up where I've done the best in the past few years, took 5th last year and won $75 between my partner and myself. Dropped the ducer of my LX9 in the hole and was lit up like a Christmas tree, I thought "Allllright here we go again!" First drop, a decent sized mark comes up and takes it, get it up to the whole and what do you know... Nice sized bass, didn't measure since they didn't count in this tournament, great fighter though! Second drop another nice sized mark with several smaller ones....

C'mon now bass I don't have time for you... I'm trying to win some money here.

Dropped down again, two good sized marks come up for it...

Alright now, this is getting old. I packed up the shack and moved 10 ft. Didn't mark anything so I started punching holes with the Strikemaster Lazer mag and checked out the area. Nothing.

About this time the wind started to pick up and I went and pulled my shack over to my friends that came along to the tournament, caught one 8-9" bluegill and that was all. By the time we left the ice around 11:45 the wind had picked up to 20 mph and people's gear was blowing all over the ice, this was also the first year I had seen anyone leave the ice early, including myself, people were leaving by 10 AM even and the tournament started at 9.

All in all it was a fun day had with friends, wish the fishing would've been better for myself. My friend who I was originally going to pair up with since our dad's usually team up together ended up fishing on a team with his dad and ended up winning $100 for 3rd place with 7 fish. First place was only 11, in years past there were people that would bring up buckets full of fish claiming they'd caught them at that pond, riiiiight. I knew the pond pretty well and there wasn't a spot that hot in the place. At least this time people were fair and honest. I'll keep posting if you guys will keep reading, next post will be from yesterday 01/24/2015.


Spent the day yesterday at a private lake (large pond) that I grew up fishing but hadn't since I was about 8 years old. They stopped selling memberships to those who didn't live there so we lost the privilege to fish so we started to concentrate on the large lakes here in Iowa. My kind of morning, sun creeping up in the sky, 34 degrees Fahrenheit and not too much wind. First fish was 10" bull gill, couldn't believe that this was going to be the first fish of the day. Was using a clown colored CJ&S chekai jig around 4 mm, with two or three red and white spikes on the hook. Immediately after taking the picture of the Marcum and my coffee I got a bite and fought the fish to the hole, it was a crappie around 13-14" that got stuck sideways on the hole and as I reached down to grab it spit the jig out and glided under the black ice just long enough for me to gasp and watch it swim away...

Bucket is starting to fill up quickly...

After this the group I was fishing with all parked themselves around me in the different holes that I had cut for myself to troll around a bit. Everyone started getting into the fish finally and we were on them for a good 2 hours, a fish every couple of minutes. I switched over to a silver CJ&S Majmun and dropped down, immediately the gills shot up to my jig 2 or 3 at a time, hollered to everyone to check out silver if they hadn't. The gills kept getting bigger this guy was around 10"

I ended up scooting around the ice checking stuff out catching 1-2 fish per hole then moving to another, ended up with about a dozen 9" - 10" gills and the one fat crappie

Ended the day at Founder's in Bondurant for a couple quick drinks and then headed home to get ready to go to the future in-law's house and grill them some deer steaks and chops. The day ended up being one of the most fun days I've had on the ice in a while. Might be heading out tonight to hit another private lake in the metro area and see if we can get into some more monster slabs this afternoon. Our annual Eelpout Festival trip is just around the corner in February, I'll try and be as active on here as I can until then since I won't have a laptop or tablet to type anything too long.

With the temperatures being warmer than normal and the rain today, please be careful if you get out, wear your picks and bring a spud bar if you're venturing out! Keep your lines tight, and your knots strong!


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