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HOPATCONG on 12/17

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The bait shop your thinking about is Lakes End MArina ... right in Landing.  Normally they are open in the morning when the ice is there and the fisherman are too. 

Last weekend on Saturday (arounf 11 am) they were closed. 

Im going to try and get out there Saturday too :D

How come you cant fish from Lees park ..... isint it a public park owned by Morris County ? 

--- Quote from: Webguy on Dec 14, 2005, 12:35 PM ---Lee's Park is on the east shore and they don't let us fish there!  >:(
No safe ice there yet either.

--- End quote ---

Yes but they don't allow fishing from the docks when they're open and they close for the winter and fence it off. They don't want the liability is what I heard.

Ahhhhhhh .. i can see that i guess. 

I rember last year driving by there and seeing the fence .. it wasnt until a month ago i realized that that was a county park though. 

Its harder and harder to get access to fish these days. 

Never fished Hopatcong -- so exactly where is the State Park access???  Are you certain there is safe ice for this weekend???


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