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HOPATCONG on 12/17

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I am thinking of heading out to the state park area on Saturday - any reports on the ice would be appreciated!!!



I am thinking about doing the same thing.......


Cool (or "cold", may be more appropriate)!!

I'll be wearing a green coat and have a red auger.  Stop by and say hello.


--- Quote from: Icephishnphreek on Dec 14, 2005, 11:43 AM ---I am thinking about doing the same thing.......

--- End quote ---

re your pm - I am not sure if the state park area is also called Lees State Park.  Maybe someone else knows.  The one I go to is not far north of Route 80 on the west side of the lake.  Lst year, there was a bait shop at 206 Landing Road (973) 770-8318, and one right at the tip of the lake, across the street to the right as you make the left-hand turn (973) 398-5707.

I haven't tried calling them this year, so I don't know if they are open yet.

Lee's Park is on the east shore and they don't let us fish there!  >:(
No safe ice there yet either.


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