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night fishing on hopatcong

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do any of you regulars on hopatcong fish at nite and if so hows the bite i heard crappie and eyes turn on after dark never tried it yet my self sundowns the latest i ever stayed got a buch of flags around that time on acations

I know crappies and eyes turn on from dusk on in open water so I don't see why it'd be any different thru the ice. ith the snow on top tho, if you get a cloudy day you should do well all throughout the day.

I fished Split Rock last winter for crappies and as soon as it started getting dark flags started flying. Didn't ice anything but must have had 20 flags in 45 minutes, all with baits suspended about 3-4 feet under the ice.

I also know in targeting crappies in my private lake in PA, for about 45 minutes to an hour after sunrise the crappie bite is really on and then dies after that unless its cloudy.

AJ Flag:
I have always done well getting crappies right before dusk and and right dawn as well.  Haven't fished hopatcong at night, but fished it early in the morning last year and had a good amount of flags, it was a cloudy day with snow too so that probably helped.

Ive only fished Hopatcong a couple of times at night ... that was around BErtrands island.  Didnt really have much luck .... but then again i seem to recall not having much luck in that area during the day LOL

I would think that the Walleys would turn on at night like they do open water. 

i get alot of flags ealy in morning with crappie then its a pick of pickeral and perch and some bass aswell last season in wood port thier were wipers caught on tipups no monsters 16-18 in fish ive yet to see a muskie thru the ice we also get some real nice size white perch in wood port area both jiging and tipups looking to jig the main lake when it gets safe those fish web posted were awsome


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