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What pound test....


do you guys use on tip ups in lakes with muskies?  ???Also do you use mono or floro for those leaders?


Most of the guys I know ,use fluorocarbon leaders with a big treble(Quick strike rig) . There's been some ex permental stuff with circle hooks ,but I haven't heard much feed back. I do know if you use a single hook ,and the muskie swallows it ,it's certain death. So if you intend to release your beast I would say quick strike is the way to go . 80lb test floro works the nuts.

1st year was 25# on the tip ups with 40# steel leaders and a single hook.
Last year was 25# on the tip-ups with 40# steel leaders and circle hooks (worked well)
This year I rigged up my new lakers with 50# on them and am trying 80 Power Pro and single hook quick strike rigs.

I should make it out on my big pike lake by the weekend and will let you know how it works.

I use Fluorocarbon leader all the way.  USe a heavier pound test (60 - 80) and you will be good to go.


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