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Electric Augers???

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AJ Flag:
I'm getting my first Auger for Christmas this year and I don't want to get a crappy one.  I decided to go with the electric because its quieter and no gas to deal with.  So I wanted to know if anyone has one, and if so how do you like it?  And to anyone else with more knowledge than me, which one is better, the Jiffy or the Strikemaster??? Also, I want an 8-inch, but having some trouble finding one so I might go with the 7-inch.

AJ, from what I have read on the electric augers (no real life experience) it's the battery issue that seems to garner the most discussion. Small battery fewer holes, large auger fewer holes. Dragging a 50 pound deep cycle battery around in slush or snow is a for-sure-heart-attack. Check out the"ice team . com" website and ask some questions. The mid western guys seemed to have some experience with them and should be a source of information. Keep us informed. I am still using a 5 inch Mora and can get a 5 pound bass through it with a LIP-GAFF. I release everything but eater perch. Cutting with the five is no work, I use a six when I tip-up fish in a contest. I have a Jiffy in the attic and don't think about it unless there is 24 inches or more of ice. Good luck...

 check it out

I have never even seen the electric augers but i would think that cold weather on the ice and a larger hole being drilled would drain that battery fast. 

I have a Jiffy gas powered auger .. but i keep that up at Lake George.  For the most part in NJ i have never had any troubles using a hand help ice auger .. keep the blasdes sharp and your rippin thru 14 inches of ice in no time. 

If I remember correctly, a large motor cycle battery and a six inch electric was good for 25 to 30 holes. Problem is, you kill a battery real fast if you discharge it close to completely and then recharge it hours later. You don't get much more than 1 season out of a standard battery when running it way down in the cold repeatedly. Food for thought.


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