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Ice check New report 12/8

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Sweet it wont be long now I am guessing safe ice in NNJ by xmas

sofa king cool:
Birds were walking on "water" on Budd Lake this morning.  ;D

hopatcong is actuly one of the easyest to fish for pan fish pickeral and bass the rest takes time the eyes stripers chanells muskies are a diferant story set your tipups 2-3 ft of the bottom in up to 15ft of warter you will most of the time have a good pick and jiging small rapalas swedish pimples with a mousie will get the pan fish the bass readily hit jigs aswell for crappie the small rapalas work best for me woodport is one of the hotest areas but paking is a problem i know they do good in most of the coves the biger game fish are on the main lake stucture points and dropoffs rocks and so on

Bayonne:   My buddy lives in Whitehouse Station & I'm from Long Islnd. We've been fihing the ice for 40+ years, but only in NY.  This year  want to concentrate on Hopatcong, but could sure use some help on this large body of water.
Can we get together this winter???   I'm on NewYork forum ---



--- Quote from: sofa king cool on Dec 08, 2005, 04:49 PM ---Birds were walking on "water" on Budd Lake this morning.  ;D

--- End quote ---
Went by Bud Lake tonight the cove by the beach & the back cove are locked up & there is ice going to the middle but the middle is still open a lot.


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