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--- Quote from: bayonne on Dec 09, 2005, 01:46 PM ---lucky dog shawn havent seen a thing all week the best deer i saw was day after thanksgiving walked up on a 11point and 8 point together standing in a stream at clinton w.m.a and noones gotten either of them yet man the 11 was huge east 180lbs or better tomorrow the last day of the 6 day firearm then i wait till jan i havent done muzzle loader yet might go for it next season

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I got all the deer this year with the bow tomorrow will be my last day with the gun didn't see anything I wanted to shot. Then ice fishing. The bigest I got these year was an 9 pointer from IL it drested out at 193 and live weight was 238. It will score 130 1/3 with a -8 points because of the 9th point :'(
I hope you get one & Good luck the rest of the year

shot a nice 8 point he took off to the swamp by the res. before i could even climb down from my stand a shot rang out wright in the direction he ran never found it or seen if anyoneelse got it had a real nice rack high tines big bodt to i know i hit it it jumped like a bronco when they kick like that it usaly means you hit it my budy got a 6 point other than that it was a dead day now wating for permit to open back up jan 7th they both came at the same time from private land across the street a club hunts thier they must have kicked them out

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Yea I didn't think anyone would, but that never seems to stop me. Both those resevoirs have ice almost covering the entire place now, and I know the Pond in franklin is locked up except by the dam, but idk how thick it is.

AJ keeps talking and no one is

Shawn, if you ever wanna come fish out by me in PA just let me know. I have some really good lakes nearby and a private lake right over the border from NJ that has huge bass and crappies (C&R only from there tho)

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lol Thanks for pointing that out Mike, I think I'm just gonna stop posting and only read from now on...


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