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For those who use a hand auger...I was looking at the SM 8inch handauger. I have a mora 6 incher (15 year old) . I was curious if cutting is that much improved and what the comparison may be 6 mora vs 8 strike master? Any thoughts on these?

No matter how much improved the 8 inch auger may be, you're going to have a much  harder time getting through the ice with it, compared to the 6inch auger.
I bought a six incher last year after many years cutting with an 8 inch...the 6 incher cuts faster with much less effort....and I still have no problem getting my fish up through the hole  (maybe I just don't catch large enough fish !!!! ) a power auger in 8 inch !!!!!  You'll love it!!!!

IceBalls (NY)

If you have to have an 8" hand auger go with the Nils Master hand auger. It cuts easier and faster than most other 6" hand augers.

HaveAuger:  I agree with LoneWolf.......get the Nils hand auger.  I have a 6 inch and it cuts like butter with almost no effort.  I am sure the 8 inch will do the same! ;)

I just picked 1 up and will let you know as soon as I get a chance to try it out (this Sunday)


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