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Well,  I guess I'm done for the season.   Anyone else pack up their toys yet??  I need to fly out to AZ for a wedding so I'll miss probably the last w/e of safe ice  in NJ  :(.  And it will go up to the 50s next week. It was a great season, I've gone out 20 times this year,  but I think I'm ready to hit the open water once again  ;D.                J.

Pike Popper:
I will probably call it quits for Jersey this weekend. Then I'll probably head to PA for one more weekend where theres still 16 inches or more of ice in spots. I made it out a staggering 34 times to 19 different lakes. I definitely never thought I would have made it out as much as I did. This was mainly because I'm still in High school and only work 25 hours a week. I probably willn't be able to make it out as much as I did in the years to come.

I'll probably be out till there is no ice left. I think I made it out a bit more than PP but only because I pulled quite a few 20+ hour days between fishing and then going to work. At this point the only reason I'm looking forward to open water is I can actually get some sleep in between work and waking up to go fish.  ;D

My son and I took our final ice fishing trip for the season last Tues - Fri.  It was a great year.  

We got out for about 20 trips which included "the ultimate ice outing", The 2nd Annual NJ Chapter of IS Ice Derby! ;D  Seriously, it was nice to meet some of the NJ ice guys/gals at the event.

It seems I picked up quite abit of extra equipment this year.  We are in the process of finding a good place in the basement to store it (without infringing on my wife's craft area ??? ;))

Time to focus on Little Leage Baseball (Coach) and preparing the open water gear.

To all...........Have a great summer!



We're planning on getting out one more time this weekend, and then it's on to open water and surf fishing.


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