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Pike Popper:
I'm just wondering how many of you get the permits and fish these reservoirs. If so, whats your favorite reservoir to fish and do you shoreline fish them or fish them by boat? I like Clinton Reservoir the most and there is a lot of access to shoreline fish it. I also like the river that comes out of the reservoir that you aren't allowed to fish  ;D I'll be buying my permit in a few weeks or so. I wish these places were open year round so I could get some ice fishing in at them.

Well Pike, Clinton is good for perch & smallies but I prefer Echo because my friends that are 50+" call its waters home. Getting a boat will defiantly help us out on all of them though. Do the permits still go on sale opening day of trout season (April 9th)?

clinton is also great for trout i fished from shore with power bait and did good with rainbows and hear thiers some big browns in thier aswell

I like Clinton and Oak Ridge for smallmouths.  I fish there by boat in Spring and early summer.  My luck really falls off after then. One of these days, I want to get to know Echo for Musky.  I wish I could "ice" fish Echo.   I think the season runs from the first day of trout season, until aprox mid Oct.  Also, I think they close down when the terrorism alerts get high.

Echo, I think has the best musky fishing in NJ. The fish prefer smaller baits though and will tend to just follow the bigger baits out of curiousity and not hit them. The season on Echo runs through mid November where the other 3 reserviors close off in mid to late Oct.

I think the reason Echo as well as the other 3 bodies of water produce such good fish is that fact they are permit only and they don't allow ice fishing. Since you have to pay to fish them, many people won't because they'd rather go to places that are free. Also, whether we want to admit it or not, more people seem to keep fish caught ice fishing than open water fishing, which seems especially true for muskies.


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