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THis is in the Post some Pics Thread as well but just thought I might put it here because of the Other oversized pics in that post....ANyhow here ya go

Well My Pal Frank and Myself Went out today about 3 miles east of Willow. Easily to spot. TOns of Trucks and Sleds ATV's you name it. Well the Day was a little chilly to start. We ended up meeting up with some friends (Hut neighbors) of Franks. When we got there they had nothing showing on the ice. THen 5 mins later they started Hitting. Franks Hut neighbors (RIck and Carle) i belive his name was lol. Anyhow these guys were on fire. THen came Their friends who Did the same thing...THey kept Catching fish after fish. LOl Needless to say these Guys limited out Very fast. During this time i tried to Mimic RIck's Fishing which then started to turn on for me. THe first fish i had on I lost About 20 seconds later. My drag wasn't set Right (sure blame it on the drag ) ANyhow SO then i decided to Set the drag this time and Had my next one on like 10 mins later. Only to loose him after About 6 seconds (must have lip ripped that papermouth) ANyhow About 15 mins after that i had my next one and he lasted all of about a min till He came off My Drag just wasnt acting right im SUre (couhg cough ) ya thats it,. ANyhow THen I finally GOt a nice Hook set on one. And Started to reel her up again....I belive i got her About 50 Feet up (were in about 92 FOW) anyhow thast when my Drag FRoze up again. SO then as i started to try and set it I flt alot of slack.........Way to much ....My line had Snapped (dammed Mono )  Lost my $4.50 lure lol Anyhow this is when i just switched ROds. HAd enough of the Drag. Switched to my other ROd with Fireline on. ABout 20 mins after that I had a Nice hook and HE was off to fight me to the top. I was kind of quiet on this one because Frank still hadnt had a bite...LOL...Anyhow im calmly talking to him as he asks me if i have had any bites....I said no just this one on my line. LOL....Anyhow i bring her up and shes does a coupel runs along the way. She took roughly 1 min to bring up from those DEpths . When i Brought her to the hole....She banged her Mouth of the Ice and my lure was free but she Was already in the hole and COuldnt swim backwards so she just kept coming up. SO in my arm goes...COat and all.....LOL Grabbed ahold of her and she wasnt getting away. U on the ICe and I was Smiling. I guess her to be round 5 pounds? ANyhow the rest of the people around us kept catching fish and our neighbor friends Had their limit all 6 of them they had to leave. I ended up Loosing a few more. Another I had at the top of the HOle and Frank was watching as i was fighting it....It was a little bigger so he offered to gaff it when it got to the hole. SO i said ok. ANyhow as it reached the hole FRanks Gaff Released my hook from its mouth and Actually pushed the fish under the hole  ....(wonder if he did it on purpose) LOL he apoligised and said he wasnt that great at gaffing lol ...Oh well i said just a fish. ANyhow Franks Luck wasnt that great today. He didnt get much int he way of bites at all. He actully left from his hole and fished another hole 60 Feet away....Soon as he left another friend of ours fished the same hole and limited out in like 10 mins. Ohhh the Fun of fishing ...Needles to say frank was not happy. ANyhow THats Fishing for ya some days its good other days....NOt so much. All in all a great day out there lots of people catching. Most using the WIlliams medium sized half and half..w/wo The pearl... A few were using MagZ bad boyz with great success tipped with Tube jigs to match the color. THe Whitiys for the most were caught on subtle Jigging 1-6 inches from the bottom. THe best bite for us was after 10:30 but before noon. ANyhow just thought id add all this in Just to give ya guys something to read as well..Tight lines!

Chuck Enwinde:
Nice going Germ.  What was the lure you were hitting them on before you got snapped off?  And how is the driving out to the spot?

Germ- the only one who really has stories about the one that got away.Will-1\[email protected]\2 was in the mouth of the won I caught on Sat. Morn off of been slaughtering em at Willow for a couple of weeks.Been out there at least twenty times-loads of whities.

The Lure i wsa using was WIllialiam 1/2 1/2 HAmmmered Gold and silver bout 4 inches long. WIth a pearl. The driving conditions were Then not that great but wth a 4x4 would do ok. Following the main trail .           Today we got all that rain so im not sure how  how it would be.......But On a weekend all ya have to do is look for what looks like a circus out there. You cant miss it ASk camocruzer he will tell ya. ANd hes right on how they have been hammering for weeks. I myself dont have a sled so i have to wait for FRANK to take me lol And i dont have a 4 wheel drive so cant drive out. Iv'e been so tempted to Just drive out with my 2 wheel drive so many times but Always think better of it :>ROFL Oh well, Like i was saying the Magz Bad BOyz also proved to be very deadly when tipped with a tube jig at the end of the tail to match the color and THe gold COlor I watched the guy beside me use seemed very effective, He caught his limit in 25 mins then He had another whity on and let his friend reel it in when i was leaving ...ANyhow Great spot like We have been saying for all those who have a chance to get out there before the 15th give her a whirl. Tight lines!

Ice Crazy:
I'm going to simcoe Fri. and sat. wheres the willows I would love to try to catch a white or two, I have only caught one by accident while perch fishing. That was great 2#test and the fish was 5 and 1/2# NOW that was fun ;D


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