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Woods Advertising (on behalf of Stren)[/b]

Barbs Bait Barn in Millstone NJ[/b]

T & R Taxidermy[/b]

Dow's Boat Rental[/b]

Our 2005 Derby was a huge success. This year we had approximately 50 entrants which roughly doubles last years attendance  ;D. I had a great time and was happy to meet all new attendees as well as reaquaint myself with the past attendees. I was very pleased to see the large turnout of children. As Reb would say they are the future of fishing.
I just wanted to remind everyone none of this could have been possible without our sponsors ... thank you. They are reposted above. If you have the opportunity to patronize our sponsors please let them know you are from IceShanty and appreciate their sponsorship.
I also wanted to thank Reb, Webguy and JigAwhopper for their help and prize donations for this derby ... thanks guys  ;) .
I also wanted to thank Scott for allowing us to have the derby ... thanks Scott  ;).

Now for the results : (There were no entries for Bass or Walleye)

Chain Pickerel
First Place
Sub Zero's Dad  ..... 24 1/2" Chain Pickerel
Second Place
b-b-boy ..... 23" Chain Pickerel
Third Place
So Co ..... 22 3/4" Chain Pickerel

First Place
Sub Zero ..... 13" Perch
Second Place
b-b-boy ..... 11 1/2" Perch
Third Place
Jiginfoul ..... 10 3/4" Perch

Congrats !!

Here are some pic's from the derby :

Flying Our IceShanty Flag

The Group Picture

Sub Zero holding the Stone Legacy Un-Bucket (donated by Stone Legacy)

Sub Zero with Mora 7" Hand Auger (donated by Ramsey Outdoors of Ledgewood)

Marmish rod (donated by Marmish) and Reb custom gaff (donated by Reb) for b-b-boy

Storm Rod/Reel combo donated by Davis Sporting Goods

Gift Certificate Donated by Dow's.

Auger bag donated by LoneWolf

Kid's gathering around Reb for the kid's giveaway



On another note ... next season I'll be turning over the derby to the capable hands of Reb and JigAwhopper .  :clap:

Reb who ?? ??? ::) ;)

JigAwhopper WHAT?  :whistle: :blink:


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