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I have recently returned from 6 years out of the country and am hopin to do my first fishing since comming back. The weather is looking good for it.

I am a little curious as to how the fishing is at the Strap these days. When I left Canada, Blackstrap was undergoing changes with the limits and stocks were being released in the lake. How has this turned out for the Strap? Is there a significant change in the fish population? I would also appreciate any advice on locations to ice fish. I'm looking for perch and Walleye. I used to have luck with maggots and/or grub worms. Is baiting still similar? Again, any info would be appreciated. Thanks.

PS: Ice condition info is also needed.

  well the fishing at the strap was alittle slow last weekend.  but there was 10- 12 inches of ice lakewide.  maggots are still used for the perch , minnows or meal worms for the walleye and mostly smelts ( large ones) for the pike.     I have found that the north end tends to be a bit more productive in the early part of the season with the north road and the point where the two branches of the lake meet being a great spot for early season walleye.    I have however found broderick to be stellar gfor early season pike ( good numbers of fish).    do you live in stoon? are you planning a trip this weekend?   good luck

Ya, I am thinking about taking my Grandfather out this Friday. I am hoping to get some action even if it's Perch. Nice sized Perch with the possibility of catching a walleye would be good. Do you figure the ski hill point is a viable option? What about 100m out from the causeway. I used to have luck catching tons of Perch there. Many of them were above average size. However, that was 6 years ago.

PS: To get to the ski hill location, do you park up on the road and walk down onto the lake? How far off shore are you fishing? What's the depth? Thanks.


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