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Where to hit early ice on the strap?

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Fish Master:
 Hey just wondering where a good place to hit the strap for walleye's this early in the year. I caught a 1 all last year near the pump house but I think it was more of a fluke then of any skill. As I am not very familiar with the lake I was hoping someone might have some input on where the holes would be. thanks a lot and good fishing this year!

I am not by any means a master of the lake but i will tell you about my 2 trips there last year. On my first trip i went kinda by the ski hill and caught 1 walleye lots of little perch and 4 pike, then on my next trip i fished on the far north side of the lake, and caught all little perch, but i am sure other people will know more than me, that is just from my experiences with it.

Fish Master:
Thanks I appreciate it. I actually didn't have a bad day out there today, I caught 4 real nice perch and quite a few small ones as well as pulling out a 2 1/2 pound walleye all within 3 hours. I was pretty stoked on it, its not a bad way to start the year.

where were you catching them???

Fish Master:
I was out in a about 15ft of water, give or take a bit, off the point before the ski-hill. It was kind of odd though, the water was stirred up and was really murky, it made seeing anything almost impossible. I went out there yesterday too but didn't have much luck fishing about the same place.


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