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     After the her family saw the cert. and pictures from '04 they were truly amazed and want to go :tipup:. So my bro-in-law and sista-in-law will be going too :clap:. I will be purchasing 2005 licenses for them for Christmas just to make sure they will go.

Count me in ;D. Come on cold weather..... :woot:

  Thats great ,the more the merrier

....I don't want to steal all the thunder from Lone Wolf,  but MOST LIKELY our next turney will again take place at Lake Hopatocong.  Some issues of parking space will still have to be adressed to accomodate the large crowd of participants.  Once that gets worked out,  we will hopefully get the final word I believe,  from the man himself   ;D

Sub Zero:
I think maybe we should be praying for some cold weather because at this rate none of us are going anywhere! It's hard to make ice when it's 50oF during the day. :tipup:


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