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Hi,  just the heads up for everyone attending the tourney this Satruday.  WEAR WATERPROOF BOOTS.  There is about 3 inches of refrozen snow on top of the ice and with the above freezing temps they're predicting for this Satruday,  there might be some  slush and standing water in some spots I believe.  It is the same on all the lakes but I would hate to see people with wet feet and miserable. I was at LH today, and there were spots of slushy snow, solid ice and spots of crust with slush underneath in the afternoon. Everything tightened up once the sun went down. There is plenty of safe ice but a bit messy on top.  I'll be spraying my packboots with silicone today just to be safe.  See you all there!         J.

Sub Zero:
Thanks for the info, I think I'll do the same, nothing is worse than wet feet! Weather will be great but temps will be a little above normal. What a weird season! ;) By the way Pop and mysellf were checking out conditions
at Johnny Marina last Sunday and we were talking to a Greg & Doug when there cell phone rang and the catfish report came in. I believe that was you guys out in deeper water.


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