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meadow lake

I guessed right! :D  I fish Last Mtn and the fishing lakes but will probably get in at least 1 trip to Dief this winter.  It's going to be awhile, though, maybe mid-Dec?  I like to have 3" under me before I walk out onto the middle, and even then I take a heavy steel bar and test as I go.

last two years were oct 30 and nov 6 for first day ice fishing and judging by the forecast should be early nov on the small lakes

hi guys!...nice to see some chatter from a great province...keep it going....what you provide is some useful and fun reading for anyone browsing from not only Sask...but from neighboring provinces....way to go!!!...Grump

Well it has been below zero now for 24 hours so that is definetely promising.  ;D ;D


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