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I am a former "ratlander", having grown up in Humboldt.  Went to school there and at St. Pete's.  Went to the U.of S. as well.  Living in Alberta now for 25 years.  Love the Sask. fishing, as we often head back, to Makwa, Pierce, Ministikwan, Peck, Fishing, Nemeiben, Tobin, and any other that may come in the way!!!

does anyone know what the word is on Lenore Lake this year???

friendly fishing:
it's time to get my gear ready for the hard water  putting a new motor on the electric auger and a new spindle then I should be ready Just need a truck this yr cause we are going to have a little more snow and my car is'nt going to make it on the ice again like it did last yr  will have to buy some ice spikes so I dont break another leg this winter it darn near  killed me not to finish off last winter on the ice I will be glad to get out once in a while this yr to land a few big ones hope everyone has a good time on the ice later

2 weeks tops and we'll be drilling holes for splake!!

were do you fish for splake meadow?


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