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Well the ice season really isn't that far away at all anymore, i know i am starting to get the itch already, i would like to see more people from saskatchewan using this forum. It will just benefit everyone if we do. So just to get things rolling here, what is the lake you fish the most?

Ice Dog 67:
I'm not from Sas. Spicoli, but I'm on my way up there Saturday for a week of goose hunting!!  Not quite the same as the hardwater but I've had a blast every time that I've been up.

yeah i have been doing a little bit of bird hunting myself!

am a hardcore sask fisherman, fish Besnard, Rafferty, Tobin, Fern, Limestone, Athapap, Beatty, Amber, Fontaine just to name a few. can't wait to pull out the auger for anohter season, although should get the boat out for late season trout a few more times before then.

Hey meadow, where are you from?


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