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Fishin Fireman:
This area is for new members on the Alaska forum and to Team Alaska to introduce yourself and to be welcomed by our other members. If you have any questions please just ask.


Brad; Forum Moderator for Alaska section and member of "Team Alaska"  >:D

I guess I will have to kick this one off.

Well I am 17 years old and I live in Anchorage. I may be young but I like to go fish long and hard. Right now ive been targeting burbot and lake trout. I do a lot of fishing on the kenai peninsula but am now starting to explore up north a little more. Apart from hunting and fishing my life revolves around wrestling  ( all three styles ). I am currently ranked 2nd in the state at 130lb weight class. Anyways I hope to beat my personal best of a 24lb9oz lake trout this year during the tournement.

If you guys have any questions to ask me i will be mre than happy to awnser them.

Oh yeah if you have any tips on fishing im all ears.

Fishin Fireman:
Welcome FrankAK, glad to see your not shy. Great job on the Laker, where did you catch him/her? I caught a 28lb laker last year and hope to do that good again this year. Although we will not probably take that category thanks to those hardwater nuts in BC. They have the length  down there and that's what wins the tourney, while we have the girth which is what matters for most of us.

Welcome aboard and have fun, you will find a wealth of knowlege here in our area as well as IS itself.


I cought it down on the kenai peninsula. Im pretty sure it was a male. Anyways Im going to be heading up north for byers or long lake. Going to see if I can pull a few bots up and maybee a char or laker.

I cant decide on which lake to go so ill let the ice shantiers chime in.

I guess I will go next, My name is Rick and I live to fish, Im 26 years old and just moved up to anchorage in june from ketchikan. not a whole lot of ice fishing down there. so im just starting out. i have only fished the lakes on fotr rich but i seem to be doing okay ive iced a total of 20 bows and have only gone out 4 times 5 of them were over 20" but I do look forward to getting advice on where to go and what to do. I might have only been ice fishing 4 times but i am hooked on it and plan to go any chance I get.


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