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Fishin Fireman:
I advise all new members on Ice Shanty to check out the links below. This is so we can keep our Alaska Area neat and our noses clean. The Mod Team Sharks :callcops: are out there circling and I intend to keep them at bay and my people out of trouble. We are all here because we love ice fishing and love to share information and more. Just remember that there are young eyes out there who also view what we post here and this is a G rated site. So please keep it clean, no swearing :%$#!: gear your posts towards ice fishing, learn lots and most of all HAVE FUN  ;D

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If you need to get your posts to view other areas please do not just put clutter in the threads. Introduce yourself and contribute on who you are and why you are here or your posts will be removed and you will lose your post numbers.
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If you have any questions please just ask anyone here or Personal Message (PM) me.

Thanks for your cooperation

Brad; Forum Moderator for "Team Alaska" >:D


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