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New Season 2022-2023, anyone fishing yet?


So with hard water firming up across the state, I was wondering if anyone had started fishing yet??  Im out in the copper basin, thinking about trying my local trout lake this weekend but want to hit LL, Paxson or Croswinds if anyone has more information.   But I'd love to hear about any fishing regardless of where you are. 
Everyone be safe it's still early, have your float coats or ice picks handy.

Update- My wife and I stopped by the local trout lake(rainbows only), and found the ice to be 6 inches deep.  The action was fairly decent but the weather unpleasant.  We didn't do a lot of exploring and stayed close to safe-ice. We were walking no snowmachines, yet.

Anyone else popping holes in thier local spots?? Tell us about it

Fished on Nov 12th at big lake, 5.5 of ice, lots of fish on the finder but no bites. Probably will try the night bite one day this week after work.


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