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anyone on here target pike near the Anchorage/Wasilla area here? Trying to find other places and people to go with other than Big Lake and Nancy Lake, I did decent last year using small minnow jigs along with catching a few using shrimp at memory lake last year

I used to fish them a lot here on the Kenai Peninsula.
But since the pike were removed I haven't fished them in a few years.
I always had my best luck using my homemade quick strike rigs tipped with salted hooligan.
I'd catch a bunch of hooligan in the spring and salt them in a 5 gallon bucket.
Come ice fishing season I had a bucket full of bait that wasn't Frozen together.
And quick strike rigs are known to be deadly for Pike.
We caught a lot of fish that way.
Run a few tip-ups with a quick strike and salted hooligan and have a jigging rod going with the flashy spoon or some other lure/jig.
Now that I make the majority of my own tackle I make some jigs that I think would be deadly for pike.
I gave a few to some of my co-workers on the slope and hopefully this winter season they'll let me know how they work!

Similar to Chris, I use quick strike rigs on static lines with ciscoes for bait.
That's outside my hut, inside I jig with Northland Airplane jigs tipped with 1/2 a Cisco.
Sometimes the fish want the dead bait and sometimes the jig. And occasionally like both equally.


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