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Straight eye or flat eye for lake trout tube jigs?


So I made a bunch of lake trout rattling tube jigs yesterday.
1 oz, 3/4 Oz, and 5/8 Oz.
My mold has the option to do a straight eye or a flat eye hook.
So I made some of each.
I'm curious what other people's preference would be aka a straight eye a flat eye or if it even makes a difference?
Also do you think a rattle would actually make a difference on lake trout? I don't think the rattle can hurt though so why not cast it into the jigs?

I like the jigs Chris they look real good.  I would probably lean more towards the straight eye the reason being is when you tie your knot to the eye and slide it to the back of the jig it will hold the jig in a more horizontal position ideal for deadsticking.  If you slide the knot to the front of the eye it will cause your jig to dive more.  I think the straight eye gives you more rigging options then the flat eye but I would be curious to see how the flat eye performs it might give your jig a real cool action.  As for the rattle I think it would work very good especially for burbot. 

 Nice work on the jigs. With limited experience, I'd choose the straight eye for the same reason AKH states. 

I guess I'll just have to try both of them out to see how they work.
I think last time I fished them I only used the straight eye version.
It's nice to have the option though and I'll let you know what I think of them after I've had a chance to test them a bit.

Cant hurt to have a rattle option. Id think in deep water it would def help attract more fish with the lack of light down there.


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