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If anyone has or knows a manufacturer that makes a good bib, let me know what and why.  They really should consult their customers because I have a hard time figuring out WHY:  1) they don't make the sippers unzip up past the knees so I can easily get into them 2) why they make them without making a cross-hatched of material or some other hook to hang them and use elastic straps that don't hang and stretch.  3)Make a one-size leg that needs special attention to adjust. Instead, use an adjustable nylon skirt at the cuff and make sizes to fit. 

Anybody got these bases covered???

hardwater diehard:
Most have zip to hip ...adjustable in seam.. adjustable shoulder straps ...Striker Ice ...Eskimo ...Ice Runner ...Piscfun ... to name a few .

Bullpine, I just posted a review on my Eskimo Keeper Parka & Bibs. Not sure off hand about the hang up loop, but the legs unzip all the way to the hip, and the leg length is adjustable. I will check on the hanging loop when I get home and let you know. I just got them for Christmas, but so far I am really impressed.

Go with striker ice bibs you will be happy you did.

I checked for the ability to hang the Keeper bibs, and they do have a loop sewn into the upper back panel of the bibs. It is just a simple fabric loop, so I am not sure that I would rely on it to hang them if the bibs were soaking wet. Mine have gotten rid of light moisture from perspiration after a long drag pretty well so far. But if I were planning on wearing them day after day, I think I would come up with a heavy wooden hanger and attach a couple heavy clothes pins to it. I think it would help them hang and be able to be more open for better air circulation to dry.


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