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Stole this from the MT board as a lot of us fish for crappies (Me) LOL. Really good video and well done study that I think is very useful not only for crappies but walleye and perch as well. Feel free to comment should be a good dialog.


Interesting video. I've heard of this, but never experienced it while fishing or saw any studies on it.

I didn't ice fish then, but I remember in SD, a section of Lake Francis Case (Missouri River) had a regulation that the first 4 walleye caught ice fishing had to be kept and the normal minimum length limit for walleye did not apply when ice fishing. Your daily limit of walleye was 4. 
I was always told barotrauma was the reason for that regulation.

Interesting thing, I saw this specific regulation changed at the beginning of 2023 and no longer applies, but never heard why it was changed.

Well that settled itIll just have to keep every crappie I catch! Damn!


--- Quote from: POk3s on Dec 05, 2023, 09:27 AM ---Well that settled itIll just have to keep every crappie I catch! Damn!

--- End quote ---

Like that was an issue.  ;D I honestly think is a good policy. I do try to fish shallower that 20' most of the time so I don't have to worry if I choose to release one. I know on Keyhole you do see a few dead crappies under the ice from time to time. Mostly small fish which I  think struggle to get them selves deeper. I would be interested to see if a release aid tool would help like they do in the ocean. Maybe another study.


The release tool would be a great next step, just to see


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