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Ice Armor Rise Float bibs


I want a new pair of bibs at a reasonable price. I'm looking for owner impressions on the Clam Ice Armor Rise Float bibs. The features and construction look similar to the Striker Predators. How does the sizing run and the warmth of the garment ?

The clam stuff is nice you won’t be disappointed. The striker ice stuff is durable, fits true to size. The predator bibs have changed ice fishing for the better for me.

Dave R:
I have the bibs and find them warm and comfortable. Underneath I normally wear longjons and fleece wader pants.

well I recently got some striker ice predator and I can't believe how good the quality his and its quite lightweight.I use to be cold all the time last 2 times i got out had to take my winter coat off in -5 celcius weather !


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